How to write a blog

Obviously I haven’t got the hang of this one yet – two years and more between postings is unlikely to attract the attention of the world’s media, get me a book contract, or save the planet. When I look at the erudite and useful publications of some of my friends I’d like to say I’m ashamed of myself – but it wouldn’t be true. Perhaps I don’t actually have very much to say. Perhaps I’m only writing this now because there’s a deadline for my Dublin Informer column staring me in the face and I don’t have any ideas so I’m avoiding it. Trouble is there’s so much doom and gloom out there that a monthly environment column can make the author wonder why they bother to write at all.

And yet there are good things out there – I didn’t make it to what seems to have been a wonderfully energising Grow it Yourself weekend in Waterford or to this year’s Teagasc Organic Conference but I wish I’d been at both. Other opportunities I’m not likely to take advantage of are an advanced mushroom identification course next weekend in Carlow and a whole rake of autumn evening classes.

I did host a dinner party for brilliant film director Kabir Khan, who is trying to harness the power of Bollywood for social change, and I had an inspiring lunch in Leinster House with a bunch of senators who are fully committed to making government in Ireland responsive to the needs and wishes of the people and have the political scars to prove it.

I also made a really excellent shepherd’s pie for dinner tonight with all sorts of delicious roast vegetables, which must count for something in the great scheme of things. It certainly made good use of leftovers and cost only a few cents for each helping.


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