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Learning about hot weather

Ceiling fans are running full blast, rearranging the hot air, and I’m wondering if the a/c man, promised a week ago, will ever turn up. Outside a security guard moves his chair deeper into the shade and takes another swig … Continue reading

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Rant about Plastic

Last night we had dinner with members of staff at a local boarding school here in the Niligiri Hills. Good Shepherd is a wonderful school with fabulous facilities including organic food raised on their own farm as well as staff student … Continue reading

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My World Has Grown

It’s been a while since I last posted anything to this very occasional blog and at the moment my world is defined by a perfect blue sky, exotic trees and a Victorian veranda where my cup of Earl Grey rests … Continue reading

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Those New Year Resolutions

I wasn’t going to make resolutions this year but my editor at the Dublin Informer wants some, so I thought I’d make them available to the rest of the world as well. My Informer column is all about environmental issues … Continue reading

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Living with food intolerances

One member of the family has food intolerances – lots of food intolerances. Diagnosed by a reputable tester using blood tests at considerable expense. Some show up as quite severe, some as pretty mild, but to stay on the safe … Continue reading

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Birds and Berries

Much discussion today on one of my favourite lists of the difficulty of persuading birds to share the berries you grow for them. You didn’t know that was who you were growing them for? You must be new to fruit … Continue reading

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Washing Lines

A fellow blogger recently posted about the joys of washing lines and watching your washing floating in the breeze. Today there wasn’t enough breeze to float the washing and the sky was pretty gloomy and grey but it wasn’t actually … Continue reading

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