Washing Lines

A fellow blogger recently posted about the joys of washing lines and watching your washing floating in the breeze. Today there wasn’t enough breeze to float the washing and the sky was pretty gloomy and grey but it wasn’t actually raining and the temperature was in the high teens so the washing went out on the line as usual. I have one of those revolving lines – the biggest of the breed I could get because I like to save the washing up and just have one wash day a week. That way I always have full loads of the different categories of wash. Revolving lines aren’t the best of garden ornaments and they aren’t as efficient as a straight clothes line in terms of actually getting the washing dry, but I don’t have a good space for a straight line and I do have a big garden with a spot that gets sun and wind but isn’t too obtrusive so I don’t have to put it away every time I want to use it. In fact it only gets put away if we are having a party that is likely to spill into the garden – and not always even then.

The washing line isn’t just a double whammy – it’s a multiple whammy. It doesn’t use any energy to dry clothes except the sun, the wind, and my effort putting the clothes on and off the line. So it doesn’t use any money either except money I might have earned in the time it takes to do that hanging and taking off and folding. And it also means that clothes get UV sterillisation. They smell good too.

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