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Washing Lines

A fellow blogger recently posted about the joys of washing lines and watching your washing floating in the breeze. Today there wasn’t enough breeze to float the washing and the sky was pretty gloomy and grey but it wasn’t actually … Continue reading

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Beginning bee keeping

Although my Dad was a bee keeper I’ve somehow never got around to it. For the last two years I’ve had two Warré style top bar hives but they have been tenantless. Arrangements for a nucleus keep being stymied, largely … Continue reading

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Teaching slugs to swim

Turns out slugs can’t swim. I’ve just been out with my trusty phone switched to torch mode and a handy recycled takeaway container to see why so many of the plants in my (very) raised beds are failing to thrive. … Continue reading

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What is a Spanish omelette

I doubt if a Spaniard would recognise this version of a Spanish tortilla but it is more or less the recipe I grew up with – or rather the guidelines I grew up with since it was always too vague … Continue reading

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