Small world

When Phileas Fogg took that famous bet and set off around the world it was to see how small it had become – so small that one could circumnavigate it in 80 days. Nowadays we circumnavigate in the blink of an eye, and perhaps that is why our world is so much more fragile than Jules Verne’s.

This blog will be one middle aged and overweight woman’s view of that fragile world, with maybe bits and pieces of other stuff thrown in from time to time. It won’t be a diary, it may not even always be true – more a sort of meandering reflection.

This evening it is a few words from the sofa at the end of a long hard day when none of the chores have been done, the food was frozen pizza and the carbon footprint has taken a knocking. Meditating on whether to watch the latest episode in the trial by tv of the Roman Catholic Church, clean up the kitchen, or head for shower and bed with some light reading. It’s been a hard few days intellectually so current bed time reading is Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series. Officially children’s books (according to Terry) but enough in the content to give pause for thought between the laughs. You’ll never trust fairies again after reading Pratchett.

Meanwhile I check the ash forecast to see whether husband will make it home from Germany on thursday – looks as though he will – and the weather forecast to see whether its worth putting the washing out before I go to bed – it isn’t, there’s rain forecast so I’ll leave it be until morning. Line drying, rather than using the tumble dryer, not only saves energy and is less wearing for clothes but has the added advantage that exposure to ultraviolet kills any bacteria that have survived the lower temperatures of modern washing machines. And it means that I don’t have to go out in the evening chill when there isn’t even the compensation of starlight.

So goodnight chores, goodnight cats and its off to bed with a good book

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